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The Last Full Moon Of This Year On 12.12 -Time For Letting Go & Self Healing



The Gemini full moon falls on the 11th or 12th of December (depending on your time zone ) and with it comes strong energy. The full moon being Gemini, the twins, our emotions and experience may come in pairs, such as being in two minds about something or torn between two decisions.

The full moon provides with an opportunity to release and let go of things that we no longer need in our lives. It is a particularly opportune time of year to let go of things we don’t want or need to take into 2020. This full moon will also give you the chance to let go of unresolved issues relating to the month before or after the eclipse on July 16.

December is not always as jolly as we’d like to believe it is. Most of us end up being busier than ever and often stressed trying to please our family and friends, forgetting about our own needs in the process. Use the energy of the full moon to reveal the things we may not even realize are holding us back, things we don’t want to take into the New Year. Write down whatever it may be on a piece of paper and burn it during the full moon for a bit of extra moon energy.

This full moon’s energy is helpful for taking care of yourself, relax, restoring your energy and letting go of what you don’t need anymore. Chiron, the asteroid of healing, will go direct just after the full moon peaks, providing strong healing energy to the moon. This is an excellent time to focus on you physical, mental and emotional health. See a doctor if you’re feeling out of sorts or a therapist if you’re feeling low. Perhaps you need a change in routine, spend time with a family member or friend, find a new hobby or try a new sport, any or all of which will benefit your health.

Don’t beat yourself up during this full moon which can get rather intense with Gemini and Venus which might mess with finances and relationships. Venus is right between Saturn and Pluto, forming a triple conjunction and her powerful energy will definitely be felt. Whether your relationship has been good, not so good or going nowhere, the full moon might give it a push, rather than a nudge, into action.  Remember that to move on, you need to release and let go even when it may hurt at the time.

The Gemini full moon has so many facets, including loving, creative and kind energy which we can use to spread the love and kindness, be more sensitive, caring and compassionate.

This is a time when we tend to spend more money than usual and this full moon can throw you a curve ball financially if you don’t take care. Before the full moon, draw up a budget so you can be prepared and wack that curve ball out of the stadium should it come. Stick to the budget and even add some money to your savings account and get a head start by setting goals for 2020.

Keep your long-term goals in mind over the holiday season and don’t overspend. This full moon may bring some unexpected financial abundance your way, on the other hand, if your financial affairs are in good shape, you may be spreading some financial cheer to charity or donating necessities to others in need.

The balance between giving and receiving will be highlighted by the twins this full moon, so take the time to think of where and how you can give more and allow yourself to be more open to receiving too.

Once this last full moon of 2019 is over, its strong energy will wane as well and regardless of whether the year was good, bad or ugly, let go of what you don’t want to take with into 2020. Make a fresh new start!

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