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Mysterious Green Glowing Light Spotted Soaring Across Sky In Australia



Video filmed by locals in Port Hedland, Western Australia showed the sky lit up with a mysterious green object that was soaring at great speeds. The strange glow was also spotted by people in parts of South Australia.

Experts from a meteor research group say it was only a small asteroid but as you can imagine people are coming up with their own theories as to what this actually was.

Check out the video below:

What do you think it is?

Other astronomers said they believe it could be Asteroid 2002 NN4, which was scheduled to pass Earth around the time of the sighting. That asteroid is estimated to be the size of 6 football fields with an estimated diameter of up to 570 metres according to the Centre for Near Earth Object Studies.

Despite being clearly visible, the asteroid was about 5.2 million kilometres away from our planet, 13 times further away than the moon, NASA says, so there was no risk of it hitting the Earth.

The next time 2002 NN4 will be anywhere near this close to the Earth will be in June 2029.

Sources used: 9 news

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