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Mercury in Retro-Shade Is Just As Powerful As It’s Retrograde: What to Expect and How to Navigate




After an intense retrograde season, Mercury is finally direct. Occurring last night, the same night as the full supermoon in Virgo, it’s a time for play, reflection and letting go. We are invited to release old narratives and stories that fail to serve our highest good. The energy has been strong and offers the potential to uncover many truths for those who allow themselves to see. The shadow phase occurs anytime a planet is about to start or has finished retrograde. Typically lasting for two weeks, shadow phases invite us to revisit lessons during the retrograde period. 


Mercury retrograde is known for the mishaps it causes in communication and technological affairs. While it gets a bad rap, it’s not all as horrible as it is made out to be. Instead, we are invited to review old patterns and carve a new perspective. It can be frustrating, but the work is well worth it. What is meant to end allows for fresh beginnings.

shadow phase

The shadow phase preceding or following a retrograde is just as important. This is where we get to tie up any loose ends and re-read the narrative of our book. What story do you want to tell? This is where you take what you have learned during the retrograde and apply it to repeated patterns. 


“The second the planet begins its forward motion again, we will revisit themes and topics that came up during this retrograde period as we retrace Mercury’s steps,” explains Stephanie Powell, lead of Astrology and Horoscope platforms.

Allow yourself to ease into the upcoming weeks. Yes. Mercury has gone direct, but with every change, there is a moment of transition. In this example, the transition from retrograde to direct leaves crumbs of wisdom to discover. Review, review, review. 


This shadow period lasts from March 9 to March 29 and includes Aquarian elements. Any confusion will be cleared up as problems are solved with more clarity and vision. After all, this is 2020.


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