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Keep Your Eyes Peeled For A Shooting Star As Draconid Meteor Shower Set To Peak Tonight



Good news for lovers of the stars and cosmos – tonight is the peak of the Draconid Meteor shower. It’s been active since October the 6th and will continue till the 11th.

Each year around this time, Earth passes through the tail of Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner, this is when we see shooting stars. The debris of the comet hits our atmosphere and we see it as bright flashes of light.

Tonight’s shower is expected to be less spectacular than in previous years. Usually, the Draconids have had thousands of meteors visible per hour, hopefully if the weather permits, you may still see some shooting stars.

A meteor expert named Bill Cooke says:

“The Draconids are one of those showers where you either see a bunch of them or none of them.

“They are rich in faint meteors if they appear. We are predicting a Draconid outburst this year; the problem is the moon will be full, which will wash out the Draconids.”

To increase your chance of seeing the shower tonight, you should start looking up just after nightfall, in the UK that’s around 6pm. Also try get as far away from the city and any light pollution which may make it even harder to see anything.

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