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2020 Brings Us 13 Full Moons, including 2 Supermoons & a Blue Moon



Lovers of the cosmos were in for a treat last year as 2019 brought us three consecutive supermoons, this year we can expect two shining bright supermoons, one on March 9th and one on April 7th, and October, will have not one, but two full moons, which means the second moon will be a blue moon on Halloween!

You may be familiar with the phrase “once in a blue moon” – according to AccuWeather, these special moons appear only once every two or three years, and it’s definitely even more special as it will occur on Halloween. The next Halloween Blue Moon will occur in 2039, so enjoy the special occasion!

So, what exactly is a “Supermoon”?

When a full moon’s orbit is closer than usual to Earth, we what is known as a supermoon, they appear to be bigger than the average full moon and can be a whole 30% brighter, too. While the average person won’t really notice much difference, many astronomers say that a supermoon tracks less than 223,000 miles from earth while others say that anything under 226,000 miles classifies as a supermoon. Some say the cut-off distance is precisely 223,694 miles.

The experts say that Aprils supermoon will be the biggest of 2020 so make sure you mark it down in your calendar!

In case you don’t want to miss all 13 Full moons this year brings us, here are the dates, times and nicknames for each moon, Thanks for all the details,  Farmers’ Almanac, the Old Farmer’s Almanac and

Jan. 10 2:21 p.m. wolf moon
Feb. 9 2:33 a.m. snow moon
March 9 1:47 p.m. worm moon / supermoon
April 7 10:35 p.m. pink moon / supermoon
May 7 6:45 a.m. flower moon
June 5 3:12 p.m. strawberry moon
July 5 12:44 a.m. buck moon
Aug. 3 11:58 a.m. sturgeon moon
Sept. 2 1:22 a.m. corn moon
Oct. 1 5:05 p.m. harvest moon
Oct. 31 10:49 a.m. blue moon
Nov. 30 4:29 a.m. beaver moon
Dec. 29 10:28 p.m. cold moon

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