Virtual reality is poised to become physical reality as scientists have developed a new technology that uses sound waves to project ”haptic holograms” into mid-air which allows you to actually feel the holograms with your hands.

Researchers from the Bristol Interaction and Graphics department at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom published their findings in the latest issue of “ACM Transactions on Graphics.”

Known as haptic, or touch, feedback, 3D shapes are created from ultrasounds and projected into the air, allowing them to be both seen and touched.

To show their method, the researchers made a video of 3D volumes being projected onto oil.

Shapes, such as circles and triangles, are clearly identifiable within the liquid.

The technology will be especially helpful to doctors, who could use it in the future to feel tumors before even operating on a patient.

It’s possible that one day this system could be developed enough to allow for the creation of all-encompassing 3D systems.

According to Dr. Ben Long, a research assistant from the university, “Touchable holograms, immersive virtual reality that you can feel and complex touchable controls in free space, are all possible ways of using this system.”

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