If there’s only one thing to know about Thor, aside from being the Norse god of lightning and thunder, it’s that only he* is deemed “worthy” of being able to wield the legendary hammer Mjölnir.

Many have tried to lift but all have failed!

Thor’s hammer Mjolnir that can only be lifted by the worthy.

Okay so it turn out it’s only a bit of neat electrical engineering,  as you seen there’s a fingerprint scanner registered to only Allen’s thumb that turns off a strong electromagnet embedded in the hammer. But it’s still very cool indeed .

How did he do it?

To make the hammer immoveable, he decided that strong magnets were the best method. Inside the head of his Mjolnir, he packed a microwave oven transformer electromagnet, which uses electricity to produce a magnetic field. This creates a very strong magnetic pull, strong enough that the hammer, when placed on a metal surface (that can’t be lifted, such as a locked manhole cover), feels too heavy to lift.

The handle is attached to a capacitive touch sensor, which in turn is attached to an Arduino Pro Mini and a solid state relay, which serves as a switching device. As soon as someone grasps the handle, the electromagnets switch on, attaching the hammer to the metal surface.

However, the hammer can be turned off via a fingerprint sensor keyed to Pan’s thumbprint. When Pan grasps the hammer, the magnets switch on. When he moves his thumb over the sensor, it switches off again, allowing Pan to lift the hammer.

Source: cnet.com



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