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Solstice Recap Boasts Phenomenal Images of Extraordinary Views Around the World



This weekend’s solar eclipse was a global event as parts of Africa, the Middle East, and Asia were under its path. However, due to current travel restrictions, many were not able to witness this celestial event in person. Sunday’s eclipse lasted just under six hours on the summer solstice—the longest day of the year. The photos capture more than the moon blocking 99.4 percent. They capture a sense of unity brought on by the stars despite forces calling for separation.

The images taken in Ethiopia were some of the first photos captured as the moon traveled over our solar disk.




As above, so below. This next image was captured in Yemen as the silhouette receives the rays of a sinking sun.



While the ‘Ring of Fire’ is popularly known for its fiery aura, this image captures an unfiltered image exposing the sun’s pinkish chromosphere and prominences.



A small group of witnesses gathers under cloudy skies in India to catch a glimpse of this rare event.

In other parts of India, the eclipse was more clear and visible.


After traveling across India and the Himalayan mountains, the path made its finale for viewers on the lands of China and Tibet before completing in the vastness of the Pacific ocean.


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