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Self Driving Cars Have Given More Than 5000 Lyft Rides In Las Vegas



Self driving cars still seem like a futuristic invention from a science fiction movie, but they are actually already driving around the streets, and not just for testing purposes either. This week, ride-share company Lyft announced that over 5000 self-driving rides have been taken since their autonomous cars were unleashed a few months ago.

Lyft says that they are the first ever commercial robot taxi service, although there are many competitors rushing to the industry, Lyft seems to have made it there first.

Since May, Lyft has had 30 self-driving cars servicing the city, but they currently only offer 20 pick up and drop off points.

When a Lyft customer uses their app to call for a car, they will now have the option to choose an autonomous vehicle in areas where that service is available.

Most of the customers who rode in the self-driving cars were happy with their experience, according to data released by Lyft, 96% of the passengers said that they would try a robot taxi in the future, and the service has a 4.96 out of 5-star rating.

Lfyt does have an employee in the car just to keep an eye on things and answer any questions that the passengers may have, but they aren’t actually driving the cars.

The cars run on a technology called Aptiv.

“With Aptiv’s autonomous driving technology deployed throughout Las Vegas and broadly accessible through the Lyft app, a wide range of consumers will be able to share the experience of autonomous vehicles in a complex urban environment,said Kevin Clark, Aptiv president and chief executive officer. “More importantly, the resulting knowledge and data will allow us to further refine our autonomous driving capabilities and strengthen our portfolio of industry-leading active safety solutions.”

Below is a video showing the self-driving BMW model that has been operating in Las Vegas:

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