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You Can See Saturn, Jupiter & Mars in the Sky Every Morning, All Month Long



After an intense full moon in Sagittarius paired with a lunar eclipse, the month of June is off to an eventful month planetary wise. From a reflective point of view, the events above give us a glimpse of what is to come below. Eclipse season offers ground for tremendous change, growth, and opportunity. We are in for a new way of being, on the collective level, from a heart-centered space. Starting this weekend, the sky offers early risers a spectacular view of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.

Both Jupiter and Saturn will be in close proximity to one another in the sky. While not as bright as the moon or Venus, sky gazers should be able to see them without a telescope under a clear sky. On the other hand, Mars can be seen on the left side of Saturn.


While a telescope might not be required, viewers should plan to gaze during a clear sky. For best results, it is suggested sky watchers look for an open horizon with minimal obstruction. This weekend marks the first opportunity to see these celestial bodies in our skies. Get up early around 5 AM and look to the southern sky. However, if you miss this weekend, rest assured they will be visible all month long.


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