Wow so much interesting information about black holes crammed into just ten minutes! YouTuber VSauce has really out done himself in this awesome video.

In this video he literally takes you inside a black hole. Did you know that mathematically speaking anything can become a black hole !? That’s right , you, me, your phone, Mount Everest . . . . everything in the universe has a what is known as a Schwarz-child Radius basically meaning you can compress anything of any size into a small enough space until it collapses in on itself thus meaning its density and its gravitational pull would become so great that not even light could escape it. Pretty awesome huh?

I particularly like what he had to say towards the end of the video…. ” So while dying in a black hole would be lonely and scary and morbid, When you look up into the sky think instead about this , ‘no matter where you are or who you are or what your friends or parents tell you you really scientifically are the centre of the universe.”’

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