There is a beautiful island in the North-West of Scotland called Eigg and it’s forward thinking residents are leading the way in building a completely self-sustainable way of living. So far over 90% of their energy is derived from renewable sources. The Island operates completely independently of the U.K national grid, it enjoys a wonderful geographical locale and as a result gets abundant sun and wind.

What makes this island even more special is it’s completely owned by its residents! Anyone who lives on the island for more than 6 months becomes a member of the resident committee and become part of the collective that decides how the town should be run.

More people around the world need to take inspiration from the people of the Island Of Eigg, they are proof that humanity can easily sustain itself from renewable energy. Please share this article far and wide and show governments and corporations that we can live on this planet without damaging the environment.

If the people in this island inspire you then ask yourself what can you do to help promote self-sustainablity? Get invloved with your local communites and swap ideas and get active. Buy organic food, use renewable energy, help the environment where possible. If enough of us start doing the world will start to change drastically…

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Kasim Khan, Team EiC



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