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Scientists Grow Yarn From Human Flesh to Seal and Heal Wounds



human yarn


All forms of healing take time and care. A group of researchers developed a way to grow yarn from human flesh to accelerate the healing process of physical wounds. 


Also known as “human textiles” the yarn-like tissue can be implanted on parts of the body whether it be externally or internally applied.


“We can sew pouches, create tubes, valves and perforated membranes,” says Nicholas L’Heureux, who led the work at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research in Bordeaux. “With the yarn, any textile approach is feasible: knitting, braiding, weaving, even crocheting.”


The scientists create this flesh-like material by cutting sheets of human skin cells into long strips—as illustrated below. This gives them the ability to weave cells and serve a variety of purposes following procedures.


yarn cell

Human Textiles: a cell-synthesized yarn as a truly “bio” material for tissue engineering applications. Photo via ScienceDirect


“By combining this truly “bio” material with a textile-based assembly, this original tissue engineering approach is highly versatile and can produce a variety of strong human textiles that can be readily integrated in the body,” L’Heureux mentions in the study.


Using foreign material to mend surgical incisions can lead to inflammation or cause infection. However, an option made from human cells can have everlasting positive effects when it comes to the healing process.


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