So apparently it has been discovered by researchers that babies who are exposed to two or more languages during the first year of their life may well develop some cognitive advantages over babies who have only been exposed to the one language. Specifically the part of the brain that solves problems is given a boost which would put the babies in good stead for their adult lives.

The team of researchers who uncovered this remarkable new evidence work out of the University of Washington , they tested 16 different babies all of the same age (11 months), half of them came from English-only speaking families whilst the other half came from English-Spanish bilingual families. They measured the brain activity of the babies as they were listening to meaningless sounds of speech that or commonly found in either the English or Spanish languages.

Check out this video to find out more:

You can find the findings of these tests in the Developmental Science journal.

So to summarize babies that exposed to more than one language in the first year of their life have increased brain activity which strengthens their brain and makes it more flexible which in-turn better equips them to problem solve.

So if you can expose your child to more than one language when they are growing up especially before during the first year of their life then you are giving them a big advantage for when they enter into adulthood.

Kasim Khan, Team EiC

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