You could say that professor Hawking has become well-known in the last couple of years for making ‘catastrophic” future predictions for our planet and civilization.

In the past, professor Hawking has warned us about climate change, artificial intelligence, and even aliens.

However, on this occasion, his last statement is probably the most apocalyptic one.

Professor Stephen Hawking has issued a stark warning to humanity, saying that mankind will become extinct when the Earth is transformed into an immense fireball, in no more than 600 years.

In addition, he insisted that the human race must “go boldly where no one has gone before” if this will help our race to survive for a million years more.

Due to excessive consumption of resources, overpopulation and the way we currently consume energy, Hawking said during a summit in Beijing that in 600 years, the Earth could become “a giant fireball”, probably referring to climate change; as reported by USA Today.

However, every problem has a solution, and there are things that we can do can to deal with this problem.

Let’s start by gradually decreasing our addiction to fossil fuels and work together to reduce and eventually prevent damage to the world’s ecosystems if we want to continue calling Earth our home planet.

Or, there’s Hawing’s plan: turn into a spacefaring civilization.

Professor Hawking has said that we should leave Earth–literally.

Although it is easier said than done, during his video presentation at the Tencent WE Summit in 2017, Hawking said that we must “go boldly where no one has gone before”.

Professor Hawking also made reference to the Breakthrough Starshot
initiative, a $ 100 million plan to send a spacecraft to another star system.

The idea is that this project is the first of future missions that will send humanity to the stars, something that Hawking is clearly very interested in doing.

During the summit, Hawking spoke about Breakthrough Starshot saying:

“The idea behind this innovation is to have the nano craft on the light beam. Such a system could reach Mars in less than an hour, or reach Pluto in days, pass Voyager in under a week and reach Alpha Centauri in just over 20 years.”

The nearest star system we should aim for is Alpha Centauri, a star system located 25 trillion miles (4.37 light years) away.

With today’s technology, we would need around 30,000 years to get there.
However, future technologies could allow mankind to build more powerful spaceship and eventually travel to distant alien star systems in a matter of months or years.

Until that happens, it’s best that each and every one of us turn towards taking care of our planet, because for now, its the only one we have.

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