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No One Has Ever Seen The Solar System Mapped Out Perfectly To Scale… Until Now



Every single picture of the solar system that we ever encounter is not to scale. There is literally not an image that adequately shows you what it actually looks like from out there .. in space. The only way to see a scale model of the solar system is to build one. And that’s exactly what  Alex Gorosh and Wylie Overstreet do in this epic project.

“To create a scale model with an Earth only as big as marble you need seven miles of empty space,” explains Overstreet.

They manage to highlight just how much vast amounts of empty space that exists between objects/planets in our universe. It’s also a stark reminder of just how tiny our planet is in the grand scale of things.

If Earth were as small as a marble, the solar system out to Neptune would cover an area the size of San Francisco — and that’s just in two dimensions.

“If you put the orbits to scale on a piece of paper, the planets become microscopic, and you won’t be able to see them,” Overstreet says.

The sun at the center of this newly constructed solar system is about 5 feet (1.5 meters) wide. Mercury sits 224 feet (68 m) away from our star, while Venus, Earth and Mars lie 447 feet (120 m), 579 feet (176 m) and 881 (269 m) from the sun, respectively.

Jupiter is considerably more distant at 0.57 miles (0.92 kilometers), while Saturn and Uranus lie 1.1 miles (1.7 km) and 2.1 miles (3.4 km) from the sun. Neptune’s orbit represents the outer limit of this minisystem, at 3.5 miles (5.6 km) away. (The team did not stake out the orbit of the dwarf planet Pluto or any other objects in the Kuiper Belt, which lies beyond Neptune.)

To Scale: The Solar System

“We all hope that it inspires thought and reflection — thought about science, about humanity, about our position in the galaxy and universe,” Meyer said. “We hope that inspires people in the variety of ways people can be inspired.”

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