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NASA’s Probe Is Set to Launch This Month to Explore Evidence of Ancient Life On Mars



Earth’s closest neighbor has been revered as humanity’s next shot at colonization and civilization. As scientists continue to explore the possibility of life on Mars, probes are set to launch this summer on a quest to discover signs of ancient life on the red planet. Costly and daring, this expedition is set with the intention of finding clues to how other planets might harbor life.



Later this month, Earth and Mars will be at the closest proximity for two years allowing researchers to launch an explorative probe. 


“The only planet with concrete chances of finding traces of extraterrestrial life because we know that billions of years ago it was inhabitable,” said Jean-Yves Le Gail, president of French space agency CNES said.


According to the video above, the changes in Mars’ atmosphere and landscape may have once harbored settings for life. Perseverance is a rover that will collect specimens and data to send back to Earth. Various samples will be investigated for bacterial microbes and molecular structure of life. 


In the year 2000, scientists made the discovery of water on Mars, according to Phys Org. Thus, leading other researchers to join in on an investigation. While the hype around Mars has unfolded into potential ships sending humans to settle and start new life on the planet, there is still so much to learn before expanding our species amongst the stars. This month’s launch is an extension of what insight lies ahead for humanity.


According to Spacewatch, the rover is set to launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida, and will include a camera, laser, three spectrometers, and a microphone. The expected findings will tell us a lot about the history of Mars, our solar planet, and life itself. 



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