NASA Offers Over $18,000 To People Willing To Stay In Bed For Around 60 Days

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by Jade Small

Space Travel, we can only imagine how expensive that must be. Not to mention extremely dangerous!

But it’s the behind the scenes preparation that’s the really interesting part and NASA needs to do tons of tests before sending anyone off into outer space, including something called a “Best Rest Study“.

Scientists need to see how the human body adapts to weightlessness, to do this, they ask volunteers to spend up to 70 days in bed with a 6 degree head down tilt, these volunteers also have to do everything in this position, including showering and eating. Each volunteer is carefully and continuously monitored so that it can be better understood why how their bodies change, and why.

Together, NASA and ESA have partnered up for this bed rest study. They took on 24 volunteers and paid each participant 16,500 euros (over $18,500).

Bedrest Exercise Treadmill

Earning money while spending tons of time in bed may sound like the perfect job, but volunteers have said boredom sets in really fast. It also takes a lot of time doing basic things like showering, dressing, eating and exercising, because you can’t stand up! Each participant also has very little choice over what they eat as their diets are strictly controlled.

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