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Look Up This Week to See the Moon Shine with Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in the Morning Sky



mars, Jupiter, saturn

Catching a breathtaking sunrise can strike a deep sense of peace and awe within. While early mornings aren’t for everyone, this week’s celestial events will add a sparkle to your daily commute. The moon will shine with Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn while being visible to the naked eye. 

Watch the Red Planet Travel Through the Crescent Moon

Mars will be visible on Tuesday morning (February 18, 2020) making a close approach to the moon. The two will lightly kiss in the southeastern sky in the constellation Sagittarius. Sky fanatics don’t need much but a pair of binoculars to witness this cosmic dance. The moon will cause a block to Mars, but the red planet will reappear on the other side of the moon as it travels the sky. Exact times vary depending on location. This stellar event is not visible to Hawaii or Alaska. 

Jupiter Shines with the Moon

Visible to the naked eye, Jupiter will shine beside our moon on Wednesday (February 19, 2020). The celestial bodies will make their way above the southwestern horizon in the early morning. While they’ll shine together, they won’t be close enough to see through the lens of a telescope. However, sky gazers can get a closer look at Jupiter and the moon through the lens of a pair of binoculars. 

Saturn Returns

See the ringed planet alongside our moon before sunrise on Thursday (February 20, 2020). The pair will be best seen in the Southern Hemisphere. However, those in the Northern Hemisphere can still catch this event with a pair of binoculars. While the two will share the sky on Thursday, keep looking up. Saturn will be visible all month long.

The moon is a jewel on her own. These three planetary visitors make for enhanced viewing and appreciation.


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