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LEGO Wants To Empower The Blind With Their Latest LEGO Braille Bricks



LEGO Braille Bricks

In earlier times, many children with some kind of physical disability were left behind from ‘normal’ activities.  Normal children could go to different places without looking for ‘disability-accessible zones’ or play any game they wanted. But these children, children just like us, were hoping to get their own kind of games too. Well, nowadays, we are in a much more accessible age. We are accepting all kinds of people and trying to give them a normal life.

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LEGO seems to be one of the progressive companies moving forward with this philosophy. They are always innovating new stuff and trying to produce different products to ignite the creativity of little kids. LEGO is not for killing time – it is building your brain in a fun way. Why would anybody be kept away from this?

That’s why LEGO has come up with new educational building blocks, known as the LEGO Braille Bricks. As the name suggests, this series is especially targeted towards blind children so that they can learn to read in a fun way.

The company works with the Dorina Nowill Foundation for the Blind and the Danish Association of the Blind. This set will have around 250 pieces of blocks which may look like normal LEGOs. However, these have a tactile pattern of dots, unlike normal LEGOs. These dots are put in patterns so that they resemble a number, letter or symbol. It follows the Braille system – a system which is largely used to teach visually impaired groups. LEGO wanted to combine this system with their bricks to help children with visual impairment so that they could play and read simultaneously.

lego braille bricks

Plus, that’s not all. There is also a printed label beside the characters which can be easily understood by the parents. It is used here to help parents understand Braille too and hence, make it a great teamwork. Plus, parents would be more capable of teaching their visually-impaired kids when they know what the character actually means.

lego for the blind

lego braille bricks for visually impaied children

lego braille bricks tactile patterns

lego braille bricks printed label

lego braille bricks for blind children

lego braille bricks help blind how to read

lego braille bricks for the blind

lego braille bricks new set

LEGO wishes to test-run this product in some schools all over the globe.

new lego set braille system

LEGO Braille Bricks is all set to get released in 2020.

Source:  LEGO / CNN

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