In 2012 Ridley Scott’s sci-fi film Prometheus portrayed humans as creations from alien DNA, and there are some who believe that this premise is more science fact than fiction. 3 years after the release of this film a genome biology journal published research claiming that 145 genes in the human DNA sequence do not come from our common Ape ancestors. Parts of the scientific community believe that the explanation behind our mysterious genomes is being suppressed and that there is evidence that proves that our genetic make-up has alien origins.

If you think about it from a practical point of view humans are the one species that actually struggle with the natural elements on planet earth. If it is too hot we burn, too cold and we freeze, we suffer back problems and joint problems, humans also suffer from illness and disease very often. Our sensitive skin and fragile bodies are simply not designed to survive in the wilderness, or the jungle, or in the desert. So is it possible we actually don’t belong here?

Check out this video as our friends as All Time Conspiracies investigate further:

Do you agree with the theories presented in the video. There is certainly a lot of strong evidence to suggest alien interference somewhere along the line. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.





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