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Instead Of A Burial, Why Not Become A Beautiful Diamond



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Of all the options after death most people are either cremated or buried. But there are other options such as becoming a tree  and now you a swiss company called Algordanza has a more glamorous option.

Basically they take your cremated remains and put them under immense hear and pressure that mimic the conditions deep in the earth and compress you into a beautiful diamond.

Most of the diamonds end up with a blue colour due to the amount of boron present in the ashes.


To explain the process to you, first the carbon is extracted from the cremated remains. The human body is about 18% carbon and about 2% of that remains after being cremated. This is the carbon that Algordanza use to make their diamonds. They filter out the other materials using a chemical process. The carbon once heated is turned into a graphite, the same material found in pencils.

What you see below are the machines used to exert pressure on the graphite which transforms it into a diamond.


Picking up a new diamond


Many people opt to have the diamond set in a ring or a piece of jewelry


At between $5000 and $22000 the process is not cheap and costs as much as some funerals.

The whole process is fascinating to me when you consider what was once a beloved human can become immortalized in a beautiful gem.

All images courtesy of Algordanza

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