Most people think hypnosis is some kind of trick. Religion calls it sinful. Science has questioned its very existence.

Hypnotist, Laughologist and acclaimed Filmmaker Albert Nerenberg asks: What happens if you run a series of standard hypnotic inductions on a large crowd such as the audience at TEDXQueens.

Is hypnosis fake? Let’s find out. The results are stunning. This comical presentation may finally provide a street science explanation for how hypnosis actually works.

Here are some more great hypnosis Tedx talks…

TEDxKrakow Hypnosis – Werner Meinhold

Whilst the presenters English isn’t perfect, his knowledge on the topic is excellent. He presents many philosophical ideas about the practice of hypnotism and colours a nice picture of it use in modern life.


EDxLondonBusinessSchool Can hypnosis heal you? – Daniel Robaczewski

Daniel uses some pre-recorded videos to show some good demonstrations and talks about the power of hypnosis to overcome various problems such as cocaine addiction.

[email protected] Comedy Hypnotist – The Incredible Boris

Boris is a comedy hypnotist. He does a demonstration of some hypnotic phenomena using some members of the audience such as amnesia and catalepsy.


There are many great videos and stories online about the power of hypnosis. You only have to do the research and you will find that It is an important tool and it is great to see so many presentations from the TED organisation on the topic.



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