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What Happens If You Put Red Hot Steel On A Frozen Lake?



The curious duo from the world-renowned Hydraulic Press Channel have brought their destructive tendencies to another project called Beyond the Press.

Just the other day, they released a new video that saw them place a red hot steel weight on a frozen lake, or as they call their actions: “frozen lake stupidity for videos.”

After “cooking” the 20-kilogram (44-pound) weight until it glows red hot, they place it onto the 0.3-meter-thick (1-foot-thick) frozen lake, causing it to sizzle and steam instantly. Within a minute, the weight gradually sinks into the melting lake, causing the water to bubble even more aggressively.

“This is really strange because the water is boiling!… So, in theory, you could boil some potatoes… Very hot, it’s like 50 degrees!” Lauri Vuohensilta says in the video with the distinctive Finnish accent that fans of the Hydraulic Press Channel know and love.

By sticking his hand in the melted water deeper and deeper, Vuohensilta even tries out his own measuring system. The results were: “Warm, warm, warm, warm, cold as f*ck.”

Check out the video to see the reaction for yourself.

Source: IFLS

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