I’ll say this off the top, I believe we don’t know our true history, not even close. What we’re going to explore in this article are mathematical mysteries about the Great Pyramid will challenge your perception of what we know of our past.

It’s not just the incredible research about our past from people like Robert Bauval, Graham Hancock, Nassim Heramein, and Brian Forester, that illustrate how different our true history really is from what we are taught in the mainstream, it’s the very mysteries that get anyone asking ‘who did that?’ and ‘how did they do that?’ even after so many years of apparently having the answers.

When I was a kid I was always fascinated by the Egyptian pyramids. At that stage, I wasn’t even aware of the many other types of pyramids that exist on this planet, their significance, or incredible history. All I knew of were the huge yellowish orange triangular pyramids that gave me a sense of wonder and amazement about our past.

I recall watching shows on TV, the TLC channel to be exact, talking about the mysteries of the ancient pyramids, how people thought they were built and even when they are dated. Regardless of the modern Egyptologist view, I always felt there was ‘other worldly’ play involved. While at the time to me that meant aliens, now I understand it could simply mean that what we think is other worldly now, may actually be of our world, but from our past. More specifically, that what we might call aliens now, actually existed here on earth en mass many years ago.

Currently, Egyptologists most commonly accept that the pyramids were constructed by moving huge stones from a quarry and dragging and lifting them into place. There have been a number of people who illustrated how this could have been done, but many don’t believe it was that simple. Not only that, they believe that given the complexity of various factors involved with the incredibly precise placement of the pyramids, more information must have been known about earth that historians state people did not know at the time.

Here are a few mind boggling facts about the dimensions of the Great Pyramid in relationship to the earth.

If you take the height of the pyramid and multiply it by 43,200 you get the polar radius of earth. If you take the base perimeter of the pyramid and multiply it by 43,200 you get the equatorial circumference of the earth. As Graham states in the video below, for thousands of years, through dark ages and even during a time when humans didn’t even know we lived on a planet, somehow that monument was built and encoded with the exact dimensions of the earth at a scale of 1 :43,200. And this number of 43,200 is not random either, it is derived from a key motion of the earth called the precession of the earth’s axis.

Where did this knowledge come from? Perhaps lost civilizations in the human story? Perhaps extraterrestrials?

Graham Hancock dives into the fascinating facts in a short video where he explores the question “how were the pyramids built?”

Source: Collective Evolution

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