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FaceApp Might Use Your Face- But Not For What You Are Thinking About




The latest trend in face filters, FaceApp has faced a lot of flak for getting hold of thousands of images which can be used for facial recognition. It is true that they have thousands of images, but not for facial recognition.

The biggest concern upheld has been Wireless Labs (the owner of FaceApp) being able to place it in their contract that the pictures uploaded by the consumers can be used by them under any and all circumstances, till eternity. But, they have also maintained that the images get deleted after only 48 hours, and they never share data with third party users. But, the US democratic party has been concerned, leading to an FBI investigation into this. For there have been 150 million pictures gathered. 

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In reality, though, there is no way that FaceApp could actually use the pictures uploaded other than to increase the efficiency of their apps. In fact, if FaceApp did try to use the photos for facial recognition, the precision would be horrendous. It would be better to simply glean it off their social media.

But, what ARE the uses of such photos?

Face Modification

FaceApp primarily deals with face filters for photos, with a recently developed feature that would apparently show you in your old age. The app trains itself on the various neural links and points already on a picture. So, with the other pictures at their beck and call, they can improve this feature and provide more consumer satisfaction.

Face Analysis

Completely different from Facial Recognition, this would simply show the age or gender. In fact, it is present on a number of other sites that are open-database.

Face Detection

Yet again different from facial recognition. This is simply to check there is a face in the picture itself.

Deepfake Generation

In fact, this would be useful for government agencies, to help their spies spoof their identities. Comes with a lot of baggage, we agree, but can’t blame the app for that. Basically, AI creates images of people, who are imaginary. 


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See, to be completely frank, we are simply trying to cut a single branch from the tree when the root has already enmeshed itself. Trying to get rid of FaceApp would not solve any problem. There are already several open database sites. that use people’s videos and facial photos. 

In reality, FaceApp or other apps could easily take this information off the internet, for it is already present. All we need to realize and learn from this is that we have lost control over what we post and how far our identity has been revealed to the public.

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