Crippled Dog Is Given New Paws And Learns The Joy Of Running

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Those behind 3D printers say it has limitless potential and that’s increasingly being proved – the latest to benefit being a dog.

Derby the dog was born without front paws and only small forearms but thankfully he caught the attention of  Tara Anderson the founder of 3D print company based in South Carolina who decided to adopt him from his foster home. Her first idea was a cart but this didn’t give Derby the full motion of running so after much thought she decided 3D printed limbs would provide the best solution and give Derby the chance to live life fully as a dog and be able to run again.

Here is the video that has captured the hearts of millions of YouTube viewers:



You can watch a recent report from RT on Derby the dog below:

Run Derby Run! 3D-printed paws make disabled dog learn joy of racing

I hope this article has brought some joy to your day. I just love it when technology and science combine to help progress humanity and in this case improve the life of an adorable dog.


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