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How To Build An Off-Grid Solar Powered Mini Cabin From As Little As $2000





More and more people are turning to alternative ways of living. People want a stress free lifestyle with no mortgage, a house that produces it’s own power, a garden that produces it’s own food. All of this and more is entirely possible and one man has proved it by building such a house on a tiny budget.


The chap that built this house is called Lamar Alexander and he has his own site which gives much more specific planning details on how to build this cabin. Check it out here

Here is a video which has reached over 2.2 milloin views on YouTube explaining in simple terms what you need to build this off-grid cabin:

If you want to go a bit larger another couple has built a larger house on a budget of around $7000, you can check out some of the images below or if you want to see the original story from Reddit you can see that here.












These houses may not be the biggest or fanciest but I know I would be very proud to build one of these and call it home. The whole process is inexpensive in comparison to owning a home in the city, and you can live a truly stress-free life with no mortgage and knowing you are not leaving a huge carbon footprint on the planet all whilst being able to live sustainable and even grow your own food. If this has inspired you then please share it around with your friends and family. And don’t forget to comment your thoughts further below.

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