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Artificial womb could allow babies to develop outside the mother’s uterus.



The technology, known as ectogenesis, has been in development since 2001 and previous experiments involved growing mouse embryos in wombs attached to ‘placenta machines.’

Campaigners believe it could reduce the number of still births, because foetuses would be more closely monitored and accessible, but critics claim it could redefine social roles.

Others have stated it removes the bond between a mother and her child.

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It could be used for women who are unable to carry babies naturally, due to a damaged uterus for example.

The technology may also remove the need for surrogate mothers for straight and gay couples.

Elsewhere, artificial wombs would reduce the number of pregnancy and birth-related deaths among women, could extend the age at which women give birth, and drugs could be more easily administered to the foetus if it became ill.

Would YOU grow your child in an artificial womb OUTSIDE of a human body?

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