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15 Year Old Student Discovers a Lost Ancient Mayan City Using Stars And Google Maps




A young teen who has a keen interest in the ancient Mayan culture and the stars has made a truly incredible discovery. William Gadoury has always been fascinated with ancient civilizations and in particular his imagination was captured by how they used to worship the stars. He found that all of the ancient Mayan cities matched up with the brightest stars in the sky. Using maps of the night sky, satellite images and even google maps he found that 117 Mayan cities perfectly matched up with the constellations we see in the night sky.

One constellation in particular was a little odd compared to the rest as it was made up of 3 stars but William could only find 2 cities to match up with it which led him to believe that there could be a hidden city still to be discovered.

William managed to get some help from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). He used their satellite images to investigate the area where he thought the city might be hidden.

“By providing William some of these images, we were able to see some structures, and try to see that there’s an elevation here – maybe this could be a pyramid,” the CSA’s Daniel De Lisle explained in an interview on CBC Radio.

William has named the city K’aak Chi which means mouth of fire. Not only has the high school student discovered the new Maya city, but it also may be one of the largest sites to be found yet.

William has presented his research to two Mexican archaeologists and they have promised that he will accompany them in their next expedition to the newly discovered Maya city, which nobody has seen in person yet. “It would be the culmination of three years of work and my life’s dream,” William said.



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