Researchers conclude—”There is at least one advanced Alien Civilization in our Galaxy”

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A group of researchers has suggested—based on their studies—that intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations can disappear through various galactic disasters before we can discover them, but at least ONE such advanced civilization should exist somewhere in the Milky Way.

Astronomers have determined the likelihood of intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy, and the findings of their research conclude that there is at least one such civilization residing in the Milky Way galaxy.

Researchers Luis A. Anchordoqui, Susanna Weber, and Jorge F. Soriano, of the University of the City of New York (USA), have pointed out in a new research that it must be taken into account that not all habitable planets can harbor intelligent life.

Furthermore, the researchers note that the average time of existence of extraterrestrial civilizations can vary greatly depending on galactic disasters such as gamma ray bursts, supernova explosions and other factors that can destroy life on that planet before we discover them.

Based on all of the factors mentioned above, scientists have calculated that in our galaxy alone, there is at least one intelligent extraterrestrial civilization that has the means to communicate with Earth.

However, scientists have explained that the fact that the percentage of intelligent alien civilizations of the Milky Way is extremely small – about 0.5% – compared to the total number of those that may exist in the Universe significantly complicates their search. This fact, according to them, is one of the main reasons why we have not yet found our cosmic neighbors.

Uncovering clues that lead to the discovery of other alien civilizations in the universe, according to researchers, will only be possible in the future when scientists discover more Earth like planets in the universe.

The scientists based their study on the Drake formula, which estimates the number of civilizations in our galaxy that may possess detectable radio emissions and the Fermi paradox, which raises a question: if there are so many advanced aliens civilizations, why have we still not found any trace of them? The research has been printed on the website.

In the research paper the scientific trio writes:

“New data will certainly provide an ideal testing ground to refine our understanding about: (i) the occurrence of exoplanets in the habitable zone of Stars, (ii) early star formation rate models, and (iii) the GRB phenomenology. In the last couple of years, we have witnessed the discovery of more and more rocky planets that are larger and heftier than our planet.”

Source: Is there anybody out there?

Luis A. AnchordoquiSusanna M. WeberJorge F. Soriano

Kash Khan

Kash Khan

Kash Khan is the founder of Educate Inspire Change (EIC). Since 2012 he has focused on on inspiring and educating others in order to improve their consciousness and connect to their true selves.

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Kash Khan

Kash Khan

Kash Khan is the creator of Educate Inspire Change(EIC). He founded EIC in 2012 to help keep people informed, to encourage people to expand their consciousness and to inspire people to reach for their dreams.
Since 2019 he has been going through the most transformative period of his life working with Sacred Plant Medicines out of Costa Rica and is now focusing much more on creating conscious content with the sole purpose of giving people more self-awareness so that they can heal mind, body & spirit and live a full life of meaning and purpose.

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