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In-Depth Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Reading Will Help You To Realize Your Dreams

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Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

On July 4th/5th (depending on your location), there will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, the sign represented by a mountain goat, climbing upward at steady pace. Capricorn is also known for its immense manifesting energy – with an amazing ability to make dreams, ambitions and goals materialize effortlessly and at incredible speed.

This moon will be emanating a strong lunar energy, delivering abrupt change that will be noticeable a few days before and a few days after it reaches its fullest illumination. All zodiac signs will be affected, but in particular those born with Capricorn in their chart. We are about to experience a rollercoaster few days, so be prepared that conflicts or heated emotions may surface.

The Capricorn moon is the perfect time to cleanse and shed old energy, as we are moving into the second part of the year and toward a transformational manifesting stage. This is the chance to release any tension we have carried from the past, so that it no longer holds us back and keeps us from sustaining a healthy, fulfilling, internally rewarding and high vibrational life.

It is also a time for purging anything no longer in alignment with our authentic selves; therefore, bad habits and anything destructive in our lives—including obsessions, repetitive thinking, and toxic relationships—will naturally disintegrate. To assist this, our focus needs to be on letting go of attachments to people, belongings, or situations that have caused trauma and turbulence so we can transcend old patterns of behavior and move toward connections that reciprocate our energies and whom we resonate with on a deep internal level.

The vibration of the Capricorn Moon creates a huge energy shift that activates deep inner healing, brings closure, encourages dramatic change and ultimately assists with our evolution.

This is the start of a new mission, one that by the time we reach the end of the year we will be astounded at what we’ve gained and achieved. When we are determined and focused, the universe will support us by providing signs, synchronicities and opportunities to make magic happen.

On July 5th there will also be a magnificent amount of planetary energy in the atmosphere, as Jupiter and Saturn line up with the Full Moon Eclipse, an extremely rare occurrence. There will also be another opportunity to see this alignment on July 6th, when the Moon will be sitting just below the planets.

Not only will the Capricorn moon and the accompanying planets be influencing us on a major level, we will also be cosmically affected by the eclipse energy. This is the last lunar eclipse until November 30th, 2020, which will be in Gemini, so between now and then a new theme is opening. Expect sudden change and a major aspect of life to head in a new direction. We will also find closure and be making sense of everything that has occurred during the past six months, since the completion of the last eclipse season.

Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, is currently at it’s closest position to Earth and is conjunct the Sun and supercharging it, so solar energy is going to be amplified – thus also magnifying the Moon’s energy. Sirius is the Great Central Sun of The Solar System and is far bigger and brighter than Earth’s Sun and is also known as the “Spiritual Sun” – associated with new beginnings, new insights, new light, new awareness, and new thinking, and brings with it new levels of conscious awakening.

The surge of light waves emanating from Sirius carry an influx of divine wisdom and advanced knowledge from higher realms (known as ascension light codes) that stream toward our planet, and when integrated through our energy field, are said to awaken our consciousness, and activate our DNA, creating a huge shift and advancing soul growth.

While this energy portal is open, Sirius’ rays infiltrate planet Earth and help accelerate our personal and spiritual evolution.

This gifts Earth a brief and rare opportunity (known as a “star gate”) to absorb the energy from one of the brightest and most supercharged celestial bodies in our sky.

This is a time for life-altering and transformative occurrences that encourage us to stop procrastinating and work rapidly toward our goals and dreams. It is known as a beneficial period whereby plans we have been trying to manifest for some time quickly and effortlessly become a reality.

To activate and absorb these light codes, it is recommended to meditate each morning and evening throughout this period to maintain a harmonic vibration so easily resonate with and magnetise whatever it is we are hoping to attract and receive.

Our intuition will be extremely high right now and we will be experiencing many moments of deja-vu and synchronicities. We may have noticed an increased amount of repeated number sequences or unusual and coincidental happenings more than normal over the previous few weeks in preparation for this high frequency energy.

We may notice that we, or those around us, have been more irritable, not thinking clearly, frustrated, restless, and switching sides at breakneck speed, for no obvious reason. We might also find ourselves caught up in domestic dramas or futile disagreements, failing to see eye-to-eye with those around us, as our inner feelings bubble to the surface.

This is why it is essential to rest during this period and hibernate away from much of the highly-charged energy around us, as much as possible, and, if it means spending the next couple of days day in solitude, then so be it. In many ways, this Full Moon will feel overwhelming and as though it is coming to a head at once, but mostly that is due to the completion of the previous eclipse.

Revelations about our circumstances could cause us to back away from loved ones as we attempt to make sense of our place in other people’s lives. We will likely notice that our relationships are being tested, which may result in us seeing the truth about those who aren’t authentic or sincere in how they communicate.

Full Moons are known to disrupt the sleep pattern of those who are highly sensitive to cosmic energy, and eclipse energy can cause us to be even more restless than normal. However, they are also a time for vivid dreams that can bring prophetic messages. Therefore, it is worth sprinkling a few drops of lavender essential oil onto the pillow before sleep to enhance the dream and to help with recall when you awake.

As with everything moon related, it is all for our highest good, and that of those around us. So although major change and transformation is on its way, there is nothing to fear, as long as we stay mindful and aware and don’t react irrationally to the turbulent and potent energy swirling around.

Those who are highly sensitive to energy will be more susceptible to the impact of this celestial event and may feel overwhelmed at times due to the influx of highly charged energy. To combat this, it is important to process emotions or old feelings that come up and discern whether the emotions are our own, or whether they belong to those around us. If we absorb other people’s emotional energy, we could find ourselves triggered, more irritable, fatigued, and moodier than usual. If this happens, remember to take time out to rebalance and ground.

~Alex Myles

Kash Khan

Kash Khan

Kash Khan is the founder of Educate Inspire Change (EIC). Since 2012 he has focused on on inspiring and educating others in order to improve their consciousness and connect to their true selves.


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