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These 1960s “Bug Campers” Are The Coolest RV Hybrids Around




The Volkswagen Beetle, Germany’s iconic ‘’people’s car’’, reliable and affordable for the average family.

First produced in the 1930’s, the Beetle kept its curvy shape, with the exception of necessary changes to keep up with safety standards. The car became a favorite worldwide, often passed from parent to children.

By the 1970’s Beetle owners wanted a little more from their car, like doing cross country and off-road trips into the wilderness. Thus started a trend to customize the Buggy into ‘Super Bugger’, a Beetle RV.

Created by a third party company, Super Bugger was constructed with fiberglass panels to create a small living area behind the front seats, including a small kitchen area with seating but no sleeping area. The upgraded model sold for $6,000 in 1975. In 2016 an original and well maintained Super Bugger, was the showstopper at a car show.



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