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Genius dad designs T-shirt that tricks your kids into giving you a massage as they play



Who doesn’t love a great back massage?

With a modern world of technology, desks and computers come the need for a modern solution. Sitting at a desk all day, staring at a screen surely has a massively negative effect on us.

Well, the good news is, if you have kids and they have energy to spare (I mean where does it all come from right?), this Japanese dad has come up with a brilliant solution.

This Japanese dad came up with an ingenious way to fashion a t-shirt into the tool necessary to receive a back massage from his kid.

Ken Kawamoto seems to be a rather inventive man and that’s not only because he’s a software engineer for Google. The proud father has designed a brilliant t-shirt that not only entertains busy little hands, but gives you a back massage at the same time.

“I often do work on my laptop while lying down on the floor. One time, in an act of boredom, my child started playing with his toy train on my back, which surprisingly felt very refreshing since my back was really strained. I then came up with this idea to get him to run the train along the particularly massage-needy parts of my back.”

The t-shirt shows a train track printed across the back.

Ken’s son loves trains. So naturally, the design came easily. The little conductor gets to run a train smoothly over the areas labelled “Right Shoulder,” “Left Shoulder,” “Spine,” and “Lower Back.” The wearer can thus easily direct their child to which areas need more attention.

“He  seems to enjoy using me as rails (and the added sense of accomplishment from giving me a back massage). He’s always enjoyed using me as a toy.”

The video he posted demonstrating how this all works has been watched well over 1.23 million times.

Retweeted over 30,000 times, it’s safe to say people love the idea and it’s not hard to see why.

The ‘massage t-shirt’ is available online at 2,500 Yen – That’s around $22. You can get your own HERE

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