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20 Of The Most Interesting Comparison Images That Will Make You Do A Double Take



Every now and then calls for a shift in perspective.

With each of us experiencing the world through our own lenses, some of these pics may prompt you to see things rather differently.

We have all seen those before and after pics where one compares young to old or weight-loss, but these images are slightly different.

Then And Now: Cancer Patient vs. Cancer Survivor

The Day After Asher Was Adopted In 2012 vs. Today

A Friend On Facebook Shared This Slide From Her Class. The Difference Between Urban, Suburban, And Rural

Chinese Explorer Zheng He’s Ship Compared To Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria. They Both Lived In The Same Era

We Have Two Skinny Cats, And One Fat One

Ski Trail Sign In Summer vs. In Winter

The Difference 11 Days Can Make For This Maple Tree

B2 Stealth Bomber Compared To A Falcon

My Wife’s Face On Our Wedding Day Compared To When She Met Rob

Size Comparison Of My Maine Coon To My American Shorthair

Boy And His Friend, Both Age 13

The Size Of A Tornado Compared To The Size Of Wind Turbines

At The Beach vs. Cleaning Feet After

Smoker vs. Non-Smoker

Barcelona During The Day vs. During The Night

Graphics Then vs. Graphics Now

Shark’s Brain vs. Dolphin’s Brain

World’s Smallest Computer Compared To A Grain Of Rice

Human Skeleton Compared To Gorilla Skeleton

The Difference Between The Tap Water And The Sparkling Water That I Poured Over It

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