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Self-Empowerment, Sustainability and the Superhero Academy with Marc Angelo Coppola



Long time friend of Kash, Marc Angelo Coppola catches up with EIC to share his story as founder of Valhalla Coop Farms and Superhero Academy to help grow the sustainable lifestyle movement for ages to come. In this episode, we learn more about self-empowerment through communal forces and sharing abundant resources. This conversation couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. As we navigate the reconstruction of a broken society, it is crucial we remember core values and learn the necessary skills that promote embodied wisdom.


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Upon questioning his current reality, Marc began digging up research to educate himself and make changes in leading a more aligned life. “I realized after every one of these documentaries, for the most part, I felt very small,” Marc admits after noticing a focus on problems rather than solutions. This triggered him in many ways which eventually led him to what is now Valhalla farms. 

“The most empowering education that we can create is finding the right mentors who have walked the path before us, and following their footsteps, and taking what they taught us and adding the layers upon it and essentially enhance that further,” Marc chimes in after learning from those who came before him.

In Marc’s experience, most of the organizations built around sustainability did a great job at teaching methods and approaches, but failed at merging these practices in a way that extends into the daily motion of life.


Empowering Your Way to Superhero Sustainability & A Solution-Based Future

What was originally a GMO-based farm location has now transformed into a space of biomimicry and permaculture philosophy. To add more to the soil, Marc began to experiment with the communal mindset to nurture an eco-village. He makes many valid points like transitioning to growing fruit bearing trees rather than the decorative branches we often see in neighbourhoods or along highways. 

The Superhero Academy comes in with mentorship, education, and finances to help people show up in the changes they wish to make toward sustainability. Back to the community mindset, Marc brings it back to building a common space for everyone to come together as one with resources they need.

By bridging Valhalla Farms and the Superhero Academy, Marc brings forth action-based methods that can be applied in real-time. While Valhalla Farms is still in the making, it serves as a space to take what is learned in the “classroom” and apply it to their lives.

“Sustainability is not just a thing you buy,” Marc reminds. It’s not just a product, it’s not, ‘Oh, I use reusable bags and I compost. Now I’m sustainable.’ It’s a mindset and a lifestyle, and to me that mindset is most embodied through the idea of long term thinking.”

The future of Valhalla Farms and Superhero Academy is to provide people with a blueprint for modeling their structure and replicating throughout the land. This allows for farming and sustainable practices to be the norm whether it’s meant for someone who wants to connect with their land or for the person who wishes to continue working and have someone look after certain parts of their farm. Either way, this approach builds a mentality where everyone works together, shares abundant resources, and takes care of themselves. Marc offers this as a solution to many of our modern day problems such as climate change and pandemics. 


Personal Transformation Is For the Long Term

A lot of these systems do not require everyone to agree with the same views, but rather bring everyone together over a common cause. This also ties into the role of personal transformation which Marc and Kash unravel later on in this episode. For those interested in getting involved with Valhalla, Marc advises to first get involved in your own life. He clarifies by defining what sustainability actually is, long term thinking. 

Marc continues to expand on what it means to truly be in integrity with themselves and nature by sharing the origins of Valhalla. In its name, Valhalla refers to the vikings and the philosophy of going to heaven to battle Armageddon for the fight against evil. The only way there is through a virtuous life. 

“I think your own personal health and the way you treat yourself is a reflection of how you’re going to treat others,” Matt shares. 

Watch the full episode to learn more about personal transformation from a balanced business and nature mindset, getting involved with growing Valhalla, becoming your own boss, and leading a more sustainable lifestyle.


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