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Healing and different wellness modalities are stepping to the forefront of many discussions. This is especially true over the past few months and for obvious reasons. We see old systems prove outdated beliefs require reconfiguration and imagination. The debate between vaccine or no vaccine seems to take the mainstream lead, but the truth is we could all be doing more to increase our health. In this episode, Kash interviews Dr. John Beaulieu to share more about sound healing science, art, and practices listeners can do at home to heal. 


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Dedicating the last 50 years of his life to help others heal through music, Dr. John Beaulieu is a spring of both knowledge and wisdom. He began playing piano at a young age, which coincided with his studies in music and psychology. Bridging these two together, Dr. Beaulieu has earned recognition as one of the leading pioneers in sound healing, composing, licensed counselor, and naturopathic doctor. He is now sharing his expertise and many others at The Open Center Sound and Music Institute. 

“The Open Center addresses the real-life challenges of existence through spiritual, holistic, and integrative practices to create a harmonious relationship between ourselves, each other, and the planet.”

 “Vibration, sound, and consciousness are fundamental manifestations of the universe that largely define the nature of existence and the structure and organization of everything that exists. BioSonic tuning forks are designed by Dr. John Beaulieu based on the mathematical modeling of the human body related to sonic intervals. Listening to Biosonic tuning forks creates an instant state of mental and physical coherence that can be scientifically measured through the release of constitutional nitric oxide and related biochemical markers that are fundamental to health and well-being.” – John Beaulieu

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The Science & Art of Healing Through Sound

Dr. Beaulieu confirms how western science has approached music as sole entertainment and has disregarded the healing aspects. If you are familiar with CIA experiments like MK Ultra, you can see how the modern world approaches sound in a distorted way. In ancient cultures, the truth was always revered as sacred. This is something Dr. Beaulieu and those at the Open Center are bringing back to the modern world’s forefront. 

“We are vibrating beings. We are vibrating from the micro, which would be at the quantum level, to the macro, which is me talking to you now,” Dr. Beaulieu reminds as he presents the example of piano keys and octaves in a similar fashion. There is no separation, only connection. 

It’s a simple observation that can be made with other instruments and is something ancient cultures have known all along. While they didn’t have the mathematics to prove this scientifically, the ancients celebrated life and prayed with sound from an intuitive and artistic perspective.

“What we’re looking for in music and sound is the integration of both science and the integration of inner experience, so they’re not separate. Therefore, when you learn to listen mindfully, you want to apply it both scientifically and artistically. Science should inform art and art should inform science,” Dr. Beaulieu Beaulieu advises as he shares his experience doing biochemical research and how sound affects the body. 

“There are certain frequencies of sound that when you listen to them or put them on the body which is vibral-acoustics will cause a molecule in your body called nitric oxide … When that happens your body has a relaxation response that means your body makes molecules called anandamide,” Dr. Beaulieu continues. He shares the blissful activity that occurs when we enter mindful listening states. Aside from the positive feelings the listener experiences, this approach also heals the immune system, heart, and nervous system just to name a few. 

This applies to just about any sound, genre, or style of music. Kash brings this up as he asks whether or not heavier sounds like metal can be healing. Dr. Beaulieu assures healing takes place as long as it is a sound that resonates with the listener’s vibratory preferences. Mindful listening is also a significant component Dr. Beaulieu makes clear. He drives this point home with neuro coherence, which means your body is naturally creating molecules that enhance immunity and build strength from within. 

“I like to say your brain is nature’s drug store,” Dr. Beaulieu says in comparison to the pharmacy because our body always knows what to do. “I call this being in tune, you are coherent … and sound has the instant ability to put you in that state.”


Heal Yourself First, Then Heal Others 

Kash brings the conversation to exploring how listeners might benefit from learning at the Open Center and asks Dr. Beaulieu to share information about the course. Besides learning in-depth science behind how science heals them and the practicality of using it as a modality, attendants can expect more when adding it to their careers or daily lives. 

“What they’ve done is taken some of the best teachers in the world and they’ve given them a platform to speak and teach so when you take the program… What took me years is compacted into this one program,” Dr. Beaulieu shares as he explains the different states of being to reach neuro-coherent. He covers various neural topics to drive this point further.

“If you could appreciate every sound in the world as music, it’s going to give you a lot more flexibility and neuroplasticity,” Dr. Beaulieu explains as he goes on to share some practices listeners can apply in the comfort of their own home.


Practice to Heal with Sound at Home:

Dr. Beaulieu offers a few practices listeners can do at home to heal, stretch their ear muscles, and tune their bodies to sound. He mentions tuning forks as a simple yet effective option that has similar effects to meditation.

“What I pioneered starting in 1973 was the use of tuning forks. The tuning forks really are like the quantification of sound because we can have exact frequencies,” Dr. Beaulieu shares as he exemplifies with his set of tuning forks. “We tune our instruments. Why not tune ourselves.”

Tap for one minute, have a good thought, and it instantly tunes you from neuro-dissonant to neuro-coherent. Sounds too simple to be true? In 1973, Dr. Beaulieu studied in his lab, where he discovered the sounds of his nervous system changing to the sounds of tuning forks.

He realized he was too tuned too tightly. Like the strings of a guitar, we can’t be tuned too tightly or too loose. To practice this at home, listeners will need two tuning forks in the note C, and G. Dr. Beaulieu suggests, “The science that we did was showing that this immediately spikes the nitric oxide in your body. So, if you become neuro-dissonant, do this in the morning, and at night with a good thought, you’re nervous system” finds harmony instantly. 

This is just one example and touches only the surface of what Dr. Beaulieu shares on the Educate Inspire Change podcast. Watch the full episode below to learn more about simple practices, the relationship between shamanism and the modern world. Listeners will also learn more about how to take advantage of the services offered by the Open Center, such as the 10-week program, live zoom calls with experts, certificate of completion, and so much more.


Watch Full Episode:


Looking to further your education in sound and music? Start this Saturday, October 17th at @nyopencenter’s Sound and Music Institute Certification Program. 

“Please use discount code KASH100 for $100 of the SMI total program. Visit for more information and to register”.

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