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Gerard Powell: Ayahuasca Doesn’t Judge You, But Rather Heals Through Unconditional Love



For generations, indigenous people have worked with plants to connect with Spirit, ancestors, and to heal trauma. In this episode, host and founder of EIC, Kash Khan interviews Gerry Powell of Rythmia Life Advancement Center, a luxury health and wellness center that provides an all-inclusive therapeutic experience. Their offerings range from plant medicines to intensive integration to apply the experience beyond Rythmia.

In this episode, Gerry delves into his personal healing through childhood trauma, sexual abuse, addiction, and how he overcame his past to rewrite his story and share this gift with the world.

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Gerry begins by answering Kash’s question on his experience with plant medicine. While RLAC works primarily with Ayahuasca, sacred feminine energy, South American entheogenic brew, Gerry first sat with masculine plant, Iboga. During this experience, he underwent extreme physical and psychological healing while receiving the message to open a healing center for the collective.“The beautiful thing is that the plant doesn’t care. It doesn’t care if you’re a drug addict, it doesn’t care if you’re stuck in life. It doesn’t care if you’re frustrated, it doesn’t care if you are a sex addict, it doesn’t care if you’re a paedophile. It doesn’t care. It just is pure love and works just the same on everyone,” Gerry shares.

This is the beautiful thing about nature in general. As Earth’s children, we are always accepted and invited to return to our roots in order to heal.

“The more you connect with nature, the more you connect with happiness in your own life,” Gerry adds.

This episode explores plant medicine in a digestible way to make it accessible to a wider audience. In Kash’s experience he shares, “For me, I suffered some trauma as a child and suffered with addiction and gambling which is why I can relate with you. The plant medicine helped me to see who I have become and made me realize what I was. Then it helped me reconnect to my child-like soul and I started to love myself the same way I would love my children… I thought the world really needs this. For me, that is the inspiration behind this podcast… The medicine said to me, ‘Me and you are going to change the world.’ That gave me the confidence to speak on camera and to share my voice… because I am enough.”

Gerry shares his experience in response and the idea that there is a percentage of the population known as “the walking dead.” In other words, they aren’t drug addicts, gamblers, or criminals. Instead, they suffer in silence working soul-sucking jobs only to return home and repeat the cycle all over again the next day. 

This comes back to the point of the plant not caring what walk of life you come from. Whether you are struggling from forces unknown or battling with extremes, Ayahuasca shows you the love you are and the love you hold within. We all deserve to heal, accept the truth, and live in a paradise we create from within.

Kash and Gerard continue to talk about changing the stigma around plant medicine, Big Pharma, connecting with spiritual beings, and how Rythmia Life Advancement Center works through ceremonial healing. To learn more, listen to Gerard Powell: Rythmia Life Advancement Center + Connecting With Nature podcast on Educate Inspire Change here. 

In summary, if you feel called to work and sit with this sacred medicine, Gerry shares a few things when considering your first experience. “We keep data on everything,” Gerry begins. “We found that ceremony size does have to do with user experience…. The more people in a ceremony, the more ceremonial energy there is, the more cleansing occurs, the more completion occurs.”

This is a truth that pertains to life outside of an Ayahuasca ceremony. In fact, life itself is a ceremony and the more we share it with the others, the more we are able to reflect our hearts in one another. Being in isolation serves it purpose along some aspects of the journey. However, relishing in community is where the deepest healing occurs.

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