David Icke Breaks Down Limitations of the 5 Senses to Transcend the Illusion of Division

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In EIC’s first podcast episode, Kash Khan interviews writer and public speaker, David Icke. After publishing over 20 books and speaking in over 25 countries, he has established himself as a visionary thinker spanning topics on vibrational energy, conscious awareness, and living from one’s highest potential. For those who are not familiar, David Icke has managed a successful career as a professional footballer and sports journalist. His experiences led him toward a life-altering spiritual awakening that propelled him to the person he is today. This episode dives into the exploration of David’s childhood, career, rheumatoid arthritis that led to early retirement, and the gifts of change that provided a new chapter in helping others transcend lower vibrations.



“We live in a realm of infinite-state of all possibility and what possibilities we experience are dictated by our perceptions of reality. Thus, if you get this down to its basic form, this conspiracy of human control is controlling humanity’s perception of reality,” David shares during the interview.


Our lives may be shaped by external forces, but only we decide how moments define us. David was presented with options throughout his life that could have taken many paths. 


“The key to everything, the first step in which everything else comes, is redefining self-identity,” he continues. 




The outside arena is but a canvas from which we can take multiple tools to paint our internal world. This is true when it comes to how we perceive ourselves and choose to either respond or react to triggering moments. Perhaps it’s a health condition or a difficult conversation with a loved one… How you perceive these presentations can dictate the course of your evolutionary unfolding.


David expands on this idea through the “woke” mentality which is often used to silence freedom of speech. He describes this example through the saying, “What you said offended me.” During the conversation, David expresses the options we each have to either allow ourselves to be penetrated by someone else’s opinion or to let it bounce off of us. His perspective offers a shift from the victim to the victor mentality.


This leaks into the societal norms of religion versus spirituality, plant medicine versus pharmaceuticals, and other limiting beliefs. The conversation between Kash and David unfolds into an exploration of thought around expanding awareness and self-identity. 


“One of the things that happen when you expand your awareness is you start to see connections…”David begins as he explains the five senses and the forces working on a large scale to control the masses. 


He describes the “five-sense-focus” as a tactic used to keep populations operating at a lower frequency. “Can I see it, touch it, feel it, etc…? Ok, it exists then. Can I not do any of those things? It can’t exist then.” 


David then goes onto mainstream science and other mainstream modalities that describe “a solid world where everything is apart from themselves.” However, the truth is that nothing is separate from itself. This difference in perspective is what can distinguish the “I can’t” mentality to the “I can” mentality.


The systems society currently dwells in is under a state of supreme construction. As individuals continue to shift into higher states of presence, only then can the collective move toward new heights. Learn more about the topics mentioned above and listen to David’s advice on how to rise above low vibrational environments and “ditch labels” to move closer to true self-identity on the Educate Inspire Change Podcast here.

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