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Darin McBratney on Iboga & Overcoming Illness to Share Healing with the World



‘You Can’t Heal In the Same Place That Made You Ill’-Darin McBratney

When considering sacred plant medicine, one can view Ayahuasca as the divine feminine and Iboga as the divine masculine. In our podcast summaries, we have covered various experiences with Ayahuasca and are now delighted to shed some insight from Kash’s recent conversation with Darin McBratney regarding the healing brought forth in the Iboga spirit. 

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Founder of the Global Nurture Project and owner of the Costa Rica Yoga Spa that combines yoga and Iboga, Darin McBratney shares his journey healing from a critical illness that took the lives of some of his close friends. Through his research, he discovered Iboga and uncovered a way to give back to others.

Overcoming Illness to Share Healing with the World

Darin shares his experience seeing up to 45 doctors worldwide, getting misdiagnosed multiple times, and receiving different prescriptions until he came across a naturopathic doctor/medical intuitive who diagnosed him correctly in under 10 minutes. Discovering an illness that had no cure did not stop Darin from pursuing liberated health. Working with his doctor for eight months, they developed methods to cure his diagnosis. 

The taste left in Darin’s mouth confirmed that a new journey away from the western medicine approach is needed. This is what eventually led him to discover sacred plant medicines like Iboga and opening healing facilities.

“We were all born organic and perfectly in line with the universe and then that’s where the sickness comes in when we get off of that stuff and we start putting things in our body that aren’t healthy… And iboga, in particular, puts you right back into the center,” Darin mentions.

Part of his process, when screening a person for ceremony, involves a detailed interview and intuitive process. “I get these readings done on people that tell me everything about them,” Darin starts. It’s a way to ensure the medicine is calling the person just as much as they are. In this example, intention is everything. “Part of this process is that you have to trust the process,” Darin shares.

His retreats go beyond the physical. It’s not just about juicing or doing yoga, but rather healing from the soul level. 

Kash responds to Darin with the observations he noticed during his stay in Costa Rica where everyone is in tune with nature and themselves. He reminds us, “We are the best doctors for ourselves… All the power is within us already.

This is the truth and it always comes back to where we decide to place ourselves—physically, spiritually, and mentally. “Anyone can be happy anywhere, it’s about creating your own environment,” Darin shares.

Preparing for Ceremony Requires Intention, Trust, & Surrender

This episode was filmed before a ceremony, during the conversation, Kash mentions how intention is an important part of every aspect of life. 

Kash points out, “If you’re doing plant medicine and don’t set an intention, it’s like being lost at sea without a compass. ”

Darin continues with the intelligence of this plant and its ability to read a person’s intention. Depending on the intention set, this is what the individual will experience.

With the highest intention set, it also makes Iboga aftercare and integration run more smoothly. The plant “melts down their reality into truth” and this isn’t always an easy thing to digest. Kash and Darin continue to discuss best practices for integration, the importance of intention, and the healing brought forth through the Iboga intelligence. Listen to the podcast, Darin McBratney: Medical Intuitives + Iboga here.

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