Animal Whisperer Shares Ways to Communicate with Animals Who Have Passed Away As A Healing Exercise



Since the dawn of humanity, our ancestors have cultivated a deep relationship with animals to help protect tribes, provide food, and offer unconditional love. To this day, our connection with animals often resides in the homefront on a domestic and forever-playful level. While most of us can’t converse with our pets on the same level we do with humans, communication is often exchanged through long walks, games of fetch, and warm snuggles. However, whether one desires to connect more deeply with their furry friend or present or past, uncover mysteries of their spirit animal, or cultivate a deeper awareness there are resources available to help bridge the gap.

In this episode, Kash Khan explores the limitless possibilities of animal whispering with Maiccu Kostiainen. She shares how she discovered her gifts, the ways in which she helps people navigate grief from loss, and how sitting with sacred plant medicine presented a deeper understanding of how to take this gift and offer it to the world professionally. This episode is great for not just the animal lovers, but for anyone who is looking to turn their passion into a fulfilling profession.


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After leading a career in the airline industry, Maiccu shares the logic-based environment she worked in. She always knew her gifts were poised in animal communication to help humanity further heal. After reading through various experiences of other animal whispers, Maiccu was set on making this her life’s work. This doesn’t mean it happened overnight. She dealt with a lot of people telling her it wasn’t possible, but the signs and synchronicities told her otherwise. 

She’ll either meet with a client in person or ask for a photo of the animal via email. Maiccu mentions information that comes to her without explanation, “I tune in and I start writing down everything that comes to me. It’s like Ayahuasca. You just let the messages come—whatever it is. You surrender.”

One of the main takeaways Maiccu shares from her work through animal communication is, “‘I am still with you.’ The hardest part for us as humans is that we can’t touch them.” She is able to experience different sensations like sounds and tastes mentioning that if she hears a train while tuning in it is often an indication the animal once lived near a train station. It’s these messages that come through that let her know she is close to the animal.

When it comes to the grieving process, Maiccu shares the love in an animal’s passing. Whether they were sick or the owner felt it wasn’t their time to go, “Another message is there is no reason to feel guilt about what happened or how they passed—it’s universal, all aligned, it’s all good… We as humans get stuck in the time just before their passing… Think about the happy memories… Go back in time…,” she advises.

Kash asks a helpful question when it comes to connecting with our long-lost friends, “Is there a specific technique?”

Maiccu says you can sit with paper and channel the energy or, “You can just take a little time sitting quietly and think of something that you would love to hear from them. Ask them for a specific sign or something only you could know what it is like a feather, butterfly, or a bird…”

“Let’s say you ask for a specific kind of butterfly, you have to remember it can come through a TV screen. It can come through a book or a magazine. It doesn’t have to be a particular butterfly flying. It can be, but just pay close attention to all the signs.”

This episode also delves into some of Kash’s personal experiences sitting with Ayahuasca at Rythmia Life Advancement Center and the bird communication that reminded him of his wings. It is a main component that has allowed him to see how certain parts of his past may have “clipped his wings” and the opportunities that also inspired him to take his power back. 

As the conversation continues, Maiccu also shares great insight as to how she dealt with dark times like anxiety and stress. Perhaps this episode might inspire you to connect with your spirit animal and step into areas of strength that can make positive change.

Podcast | 03 – Maiccu Kostiainen | Animal Whisperer | Video


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