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Here is The One Biggest Difference Between Spiritual Path and Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Journey
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Have you used the terms spiritual path and spiritual journey interchangeably? If yes, then you don’t have to interchange them in the future because each carries a far different meaning from the other.

Knowing the difference between the two is of utmost importance in your spiritual quest.

Here’s how a Spiritual Path differs from the Spiritual Journey:

The Spiritual Path

1. A spiritual path is your way of life.

A spiritual path is a way of life that you have chosen to get to your main goal. It could either be along the line of good or bad, being too good or being too bad.

Of all the million choices available to you, any moment you are free to turn around and head in the opposite direction.

Changing paths is a widely open option.

2. Spiritual path choices are limited in the physical lives.

In the spiritual path, your choices are limited in your physical lives.

These include the choices you make on daily basis, whether they help you at reaching your ultimate goal or not.

Like any other human, you have been given your own path that leads you to your purpose in this lifetime alone.

3. A spiritual path covers only your current lifetime.

A spiritual path is how you decide to live your current physical life.

All of your choices are part of the path you’re walking in your current lifetime. It’s the sum of choices you determine how much karma you would like to accrue.

In your current lifetime, you have the free will to change paths anytime you want, depending on the lessons you need to learn.

Sometimes, the decisions you make work out fine. Other times they do not. Everything depends on how strongly you wanted to learn a specific lesson in your lifetime.

The Creator always provides you the opportunities to learn the lesson you chose not to learn in a specific lifetime. It’s your resistance to learning them that makes the struggle, at times, difficult.

The Spiritual Journey

1. You choose your spiritual journey before you begin your life.

A spiritual journey is similar to a path. Only that you choose the direction of it before you began the life cycle.

There’s a period between the death of your current body and the birth of the next.

It is the time you spend contemplating at your past lives while making decisions on how to continue your spiritual journey through the next life for the purpose of growing your soul in the right direction.

2. Your spiritual journey is the result of the chosen lessons you want to learn in each life.

A spiritual journey is consisted of the choices you make between your lives. It’s here where you choose the lessons you wish to learn in your next life.

The choices are based on Free Will. The Creator then sets the physical things that are necessary to bring the lessons of the experience.

It’s within that experience where you get to choose your spiritual path.

3. A spiritual journey covers the entirety of your lifetimes.

A spiritual journey covers the entirety of your lifetimes. It’s a journey which lasts from the first breath of the first lifetime until you finally reach the point where you are ready to become one with the Creator.

It comprises all the lives you have lived in the past including the lives you were about to live. The goal of every journey is to grow your soul so you no longer need to manifest in a physical form.

In this spiritual journey, you experience many physical lives along with many spiritual paths you keep choosing.

The One Biggest Difference Between Spiritual Path

and Spiritual Journey!

The biggest difference between a Spiritual Path and Spiritual Journey is that the one focuses on how you’ll be growing your soul in one lifetime while the other on what you are going to grow your soul into through all lifetimes.

You choose a lot of different Spiritual Paths to reach your life goal of completing your Spiritual Journey.

Source: Conscious Reminder

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