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You Can Grow Your Very Own ‘Living’ Play House For Your Kids



With the enticement of TV and electronic games it can be quite a challenge to get children to play outside however, very few will say no to building forts and playhouses, especially when they don’t have to break it down afterwards. Even a small garden can cope with a natural playhouse which they can create themselves with a little help and encouragement from mom and dad. Creating their own little special space will encourage their imaginations and creativity while learning at the same time.

There are several was to create a growing garden playhouse using flowers, fruits, vines, herbs and other leafy plants. Just take care that the plants chosen are not poisonous and don’t have thorns.

Here are a few favorites to inspire, and instructions on how to build your own at home.

This is what you will need: 

  • 8 to 10 long bamboo canes at least 6 – 7 feet minimum.
  • Gardening string, twine, or something similar to a cable tie.
  • A packet of runner bean seeds.
  • Roll of chicken wire and a larger amount of gardening string (optional).
  • Directions:Choose the spot to create your living playhouse, choosing a sunny spot.

    Stick your canes deep into the ground, forming a circle, then gather them at the top creating a pyramid or teepee shape and tie them together, preferably with wire. Make sure you leave enough space between 2 of your canes for where the entrance will be.

    Using garden string or twine or even wire, create a “grid” for your beans to grow on, see the image bellow.

    Next is to plant your bean seeds in the areas around each cane, water as needed and remember to use compost. You will likely need to use more dirt to cover any sinking and ensure the canes stay deep and secure in the ground. Remember not to plant any at the entrance hole.

    Once your beans start growing, they should find their way up and over the bamboo, but you can help them along by wrapping them by hand.

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