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Woman Takes Extreme Close Up Photos of Ants Doing ‘Chores’ Using Her Cell Phone



Ants are known for their tiny structure and larger than life work ethic. With a mentality built around productivity, it’s often intriguing to see such small creatures lift items up to 20 times their size. Using her Samsung phone camera, Analiza Daran De Guzman shares zoomed-in perspectives of bite-sized moments. 


A photographer at heart, Analiza couldn’t pass the opportunity to document the ant-life in real-time. For those pursuing photography, Analzia reminds us it is never the tool that makes the artist, but rather how the artist uses the tool. If you could imagine, insects are not the easiest to capture. If you’ve ever had the experience of catching an insect in your home to release back into nature, you know this firsthand. 



As she spent time connecting with the plants in her garden the photographer noticed a string of ants carrying on with their daily missions. In a statement she shares, ‘’Insects move fast, ants particularly. It is tricky to take pictures with a mere mobile,’’ she said and added: ‘’However, ants stop moving fast when they start to drink water… so I gave them water.’’ 



In order to catch the fly, one must be the fly. These photos are definitely impressive. However, it is not the mere act of ants doing their job. Perhaps the wonder lies in the meditative experience exchanged by Analiza and the colony. To capture such determined beings with clarity and precision offers the viewer an avenue of ideas to explore. The more we connect with stillness, the better we may rid ourselves from the chains of motion.


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