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Wildflower-Filled Coats Help Conserve Butterfly Populations While Remaining Fashionable and Cruelty-Free



Imagine yourself holding a basket, running through a field of wildflowers, and skipping with butterflies. These fashionable parkas are the direct result of a successful frolic. In a recent addition to their inventory, sustainable and cruelty-free brand, PANGAIA released a new line of coats called FLWRDWN. Rather than being stuffed with bird feathers, these parkas are filled with wildflowers sourced from areas that contribute to habitat restoration and butterfly conservation. 

According to PANGAIA, this regenerative approach results in a reduction of greenhouse gases with a method that helps preserve groundwater. This design has taken a careful 10 years of planning as well as careful testing. After developing patented technology, this alternative satisfies outdoor warmth without harming or exploiting geese for down insulation. However, they are not plastic-free as they contain a recycled biopolymer to make the coat’s lining and outer shell. 



This company doesn’t stop at the end of the wildflower fields. PANGAIA also offers fashionable problem-solving alternatives through sourcing and creating pieces made from seaweed fiber, organic cotton, botanical dyes, and recycled materials. Not to mention, every PANGAIA product is encased by TIPA packaging, a part bio-based, plastic alternative which fully disappears within 24 weeks in a compost facility, according to their website.

It doesn’t stop with PANGAIA either. Part of their mission is to make their technologies and discoveries available to other companies across various industries. This accessibility makes sustainable and cruelty-free options a seamless part of the consumer experience.

The demand for sustainably sourced material continues to rise and with companies like PANGAIA, the globe can grow an appreciation for options that do not contribute to the damaging effects of fast fashion. Fill your jackets with a pocket full of posies and stay warm for winters to come. The jackets sell at a minimum of $550. The quality is well worth the investment. However, the ethical imprint will leave a positive and lasting effect for years to come. 


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