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Watch ’007′ the Crow Effortlessly Solve an 8-Step, Complex Puzzle




Doubt a crow’s intelligence? You won’t after seeing this…

The clip, just over three minutes in length, shows a crow — dubbed “007″ — easily solve a complex, eight-step problem to earn a snack. Posted to the BBC’s YouTube channel , the clip has gone viral, sitting at just over 12 million views at the time of publication.

We love crows. Crows are amazingly smart, smarter than all other birds and even most other animals. If you think that’s an exaggeration, it’s not. Crows use tools, and even save good ones for future use. They know how to use their environments, such as human car traffic, to help get food. They recognize human faces across generations, remembering humans who have done them either harm or good and reacting accordingly. And they are the only bird to have passed the mirror recognition test.


Apparently, they’re also really clever at solving complex problems. Dr. Alex Taylor, who appeared on the BBC Two program “Inside the Animal Mind” hosted by Chris Packham, has been studying wild crows, capturing one bird at a time and keeping it for three months, putting it through a series of tests.

The test below is the most difficult crow test devised to date. It consists of eight distinct steps that the bird, nicknamed 007, has to complete in a specific order to get to the food, collecting tools from difficult-to-reach locations, and using them in a variety of ways to finally get to the piece of meat. 007 is familiar with each of the items, but has never before had to put them together and use them in this way.

Featured video from BBC

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