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Walking Through This Forest Is Like Walking Through A Fairytale



Deep in the heart of Europe there is a strange and beautiful forest. It has a very dense carpet of bluebell flowers which is what gives it the mystical feel. Every spring and summer this forest blooms and attracts many visitors including photographers.  I can only images what the atmosphere must be like when walking through this forest. I’m putting this one on the bucket list for sure.

The forest is called ‘Hallerbos’ and is situated in Belgium.

bluebells-blooming-hallerbos-forest-belgium-1Image credits: Kilian Schönberger

bluebells-blooming-hallerbos-forest-belgium-7Image credits: Walter Spoor

bluebells-blooming-hallerbos-forest-belgium-3Image credits: Guy Lambrechts

bluebells-blooming-hallerbos-forest-belgium-4Image credits: Jimmy De Taeye

bluebells-blooming-hallerbos-forest-belgium-2Image credits: Kilian Schönberger

bluebells-blooming-hallerbos-forest-belgium-5Image credits: Matthias Locker


Image credits: Ramon Stijnen

bluebells-blooming-hallerbos-forest-belgium-8Image credits: josnas

bluebells-blooming-hallerbos-forest-belgium-10Image credits: gvriend

bluebells-blooming-hallerbos-forest-belgium-11Image credits: Mathijs Frenken

bluebells-blooming-hallerbos-forest-belgium-12Image credits: Kilian Schönberger

bluebells-blooming-hallerbos-forest-belgium-13Image credits: Bart Ceuppens

bluebells-blooming-hallerbos-forest-belgium-14Image credits: Robert Delpeut

bluebells-blooming-hallerbos-forest-belgium-15Image credits: Adrian Popan

Wow, I thoroughly enjoyed uploading these images. You can really feel the mystical essence of this forest in these photos. I think the foggy conditions only added to the ghostly atmosphere. Bluebells are usually an indication that the forest in question is very old, in this case it’s estimated that this beautiful forest has been a wooded are for around 300 – 400 years.

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