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Viral Video Of A Baby Panda Trying To Play With It’s Sitter Is Uniting The World



In today’s divided world, it’s a hard thing to find a thing that unites us.

Well guess what my friends, there’s a new mass uniter on the horizon — and it is this video of a panda trying to play with its babysitter.

The video, showing a playful panda grabbing onto its keeper’s foot and trying to play as the keeper tries to keep its cage clean is certainly and absolutely adorable, and the video was posted by— I’m going to take a stab— a deeply important channel for panda footage, iPanda.

iPanda’s baby panda footage is so adorable I don’t think I’m ever going to stop watching it!

-Nanny, play with me, no working!
–Baby, just a minute.
–hmmm, I will stop you with my cuteness!

Please share the joy with everyone you know and help to unite the planet using the sheer cuteness of this baby panda!

Sources: iPanda, whatstrending

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