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Toucans Are Weirder Than We Thought, Here Are Some Weird Facts About Them



Eagles, hawks and owls are often mentioned when the subject of favorite birds comes up, as it does… but surprise, surprise, when it comes to numbers, the toucan are beaks ahead of them.

They are all about their beaks, they are huge, come in a variety of bright colors (depending on their genus), weird, wonderful and loud noises come out of it, and inside sits a neat feather shaped tongue

Most of us are more familiar with the Ramphastos genus with a ready to party at the Rio Carnival look, sporting a bright orange beak, black and white plumage and purple blue eyelids.

There are several other genera of toucan such as Andigena (mountain toucans), Selenidera (dichromatic toucanets), Pteroglossus (araçaris), and Aulacorhynchus (green toucanets). Although Toucans and woodpeckers are distant relatives, they won’t be spoiling their magnificent beaks by pecking at wood, that’s for sure, on the other hand, they won’t think twice of using their relatives’ old nests to lay their eggs and hatch their chicks in.

Toucans eat mainly fruit, nuts and plants but, in desperate times, they’ll eat lizards, birds and insects to survive, that’s called being ‘opportunistically omnivorous’.

Toucans are amazing birds and here are some interesting, cool, and weird facts about them

If you’ve ever wondered how toucans sleep, or why they have such large bright beaks? Scroll down for more interesting facts about these fascinating birds.

A toucan’s tongue looks strangely like a feather and can be as long as 6 inches (15 centimeters)

An X-rayed toucan’s beak

baby toucans

Belize has the rainbow-billed toucan as its national bird

Due to the sheer size of the beak, it would be sensible to think it weighs a fair amount, but actually, due to the little air holes the beak is actually quite light

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