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Tonight Is the Last Supermoon of the Year & It’s Emotional Intensity Brings Waves of Healing




The year 2020 began with a consecutive streak of supermoons and tonight’s full moon marks the last opportunity to see one for the rest of the year. Popularly known as a “Pink Moon”  due to the flowers that bloom around this time of year, the moon won’t actually be pink. However, it will appear to be bigger than the typical full moons we see on a monthly basis. Whether the skies are clear or not, on the evening of May 7, 2020, this dazzling beauty cannot be missed.

Of course, we’re all in for a treat as tonight’s moon falls under the sign of Scorpio. The effects of this intense and emotional sign brings forth an opportunity to wash in the waves of our feelings and tap into a grounded truth for healing.


What Is A Supermoon?

pink moon

A supermoon is typically 14% bigger in diameter and up to 30% brighter than a regular full moon. While the untrained eye will not notice much of a difference, frequent moon gazers relish in the opportunity to bask under a supermoon’s glow.


Supermoons occur when the moon reaches perigee in its elliptical orbit. This means it is closest to Earth leaving a lasting impression on ocean tides and human emotions.



Full Supermoon in Scorpio: An Opportunity to Connect Emotionally


Tonight’s supermoon falls under the water sign of Scorpio. The intensity of a full moon met with the emotional sting of this sign leaves a powerful taste for those willing to peer deeply within. The current pandemic influences every corner of our world from a health, economic, and environmental perspective.


While there is a lot of information circulating throughout this time, Scorpio energy brings us into the center of our feelings. Take this time to focus on personal affairs and recharge with the guidance of the moon. The internal healing that occurs has the potential to reach out to the external landscape.


The energies of tonight’s moon in Scorpio influences our current positioning under a Taurus sun. The earth sign rules reason and logic bringing a fresh perspective to the emotional undertones of the stinging water sign. It’s an opportunity for the individual and collective to face emotions from a grounded perspective. As the following 28 days unfold, seeds will begin to grow. Be sure to let go of what is no longer necessary along your path and watch as the flowers blossom.





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